About GELE

Who We Are


We are a husband and wife team with two completely different backgrounds. We have been in varying states of relationship with each other for almost 35 years, not continuous. Opening our hearts to each other is what brought the harmony after all the different life cycles we have been through together and apart. Love has united us through all different perspectives, careers, education, life styles, relationships, arrangements, understandings and areas of study we have both undertaken in our lifetime to date. These include:

  • Intellect of Physics and Intuitive Intelligence
  • Study of Spiritual and Scientific Observation
  • Concrete Intellect and Creative Intelligence
  • Early Childhood Education and Engineering
  • Lasers/Fiber Optics and Creative Writing and Publishing
  • Metaphysics and Mathematical Ability
  • Logic and Deliberate Thought and Action
  • Visual Creative Consciousness and Compassion
  • Intuitive Creative Businesses and Structured Career with the Government
  • Hands-on Linear Work
  • Hands-on Energy Healing Work (Reiki Master Teacher)
  • Owning a Nationally Accredited Preschool
  • Working as a Team with Physics Applications
  • PhD in Physics and MS in Human Development and Family Studies
  • Long Family Life with Children and Big Family
  • Long-Term Career while as a Bachelor
  • Grounded Earth Details and Perceived Cosmic Energy

We have united as "jUICe" (where UIC means 'you I see'), which combines our two names with one clear intent: To bridge the gaps between the old foundation and the new creation. The male energy is the mountain of structured stability and the female energy is the fountain of intuitive flow with creative compassion. Instead of opposition and division, we have come together for the sake of Heart Harmony, which in God's Perspective of us, manifests the LOVE, LIGHT, TRUTH, and PEACE that is possible for all.


Purpose of This Website


As we make the conscious shift from a mind-based world to a heart-based life, many things will be changing on many levels. Becoming more conscious and aware is necessary during this time of transition and transformation. GELE reveals information, knowledge, healing and awareness needed and necessary for these changes to be understood, accepted and embraced. We are "knot" the past that have had locked, blocked or shocked, as well as programmed, into our minds, emotions or body. Being grateful for all that has occurred and forgiving it, releasing it, and learning from it allows in more of our Light, Love and Truth, which we all carry in our Heart of hearts! It is time to transform negative thinking into positive feelings of Heart Compassion. We need to say "YES!" to God's Perspective of us and unite, and say "no" to our negative human perspective of ourselves and untie from that which divided us. It is in that sense of separation that the pain resides.


The various sections of this website include: Philosophy, Teaching, Healing, Books, Photography, Blog, and Donation Selections. Videos will be added in the future.