Humming Bird Golden EssenceWhen spiritual teachers or mystics from the past speak of "Enlightenment," a current definition suggests it is knowledge and awareness of the "Light of Intelligence," which we all have as an inherent aspect of our self. It is a state of consciousness which allows our human self to go beyond itself to higher realms of understanding, compassion and expand what they know is true. It is in this realm of understanding that we can heal, release from the past, have greater vision and move about with freedom as needed, even though our human forms think in terms of limitations.

In order to go beyond one's sense of self, one has to first trust they have a higher aspect before they can access their inner knowingness. In simple terms, we must remember who we are on the soul level of awareness.


When we can accept that we have a "Soul Being Self" deep within our human self, the realization comes that an aspect of us has never been separate from the Infinite. It is in that union and relationship with the Infinite and our Soul Being Self that Peace, Love, Truth, Light and Healing are true, living and experiential energies for our highest good as human beings. We literally evolve into this level of vibration.


It is on this level of awareness that we say "YES" to God's perspective of us and cast away our human perspectives that are harmful, hateful or negative in favor of a HEART FELT LOVE that knows no bounds. This is the new era of Consciousness coming in for the sake of Mankind and Earth.


The core of this teaching is the timeliness of human evolution. The old energies must shift and change to usher in the new. The short answer is...


To transform from our human perspective to God's Perspective of us, we need to:


  • Aim for RESOLVE
  • As we seek to SOLVE
  • Issues and Choose to DISSOLVE
  • Old bondage and instead EVOLVE
  • Through LOVE


LOVE is in all the words because it is this one constant cosmic universal force and energy that can evolve all of life and move us forward.


God's greatest gift to us is our human form. We can hold in it the old baggage of the past or get past it and evolve it into a constant STATE OF JOY when we reach that known union. This is DENSITY to DESTINY.


When we hold the old in our human system, we get locked into the cells of the past, like prison cells. Dark, dank, heavy and locked away! We feel that in our physical bodies and physical environments. When we let go and Let God, we release from that old stuck stuff and in comes a higher and higher energy and vibration when we set our intentions to accept the LOVE that we already are, deep within our HEART of HEARTS.


Our human system has many components to it and each one has a vibration, memory, understanding of itself and natural pull to remain that way until or unless something higher and stronger vibrates at a higher frequency, shifting and changing its aspects. This is on offer to us now.


We are conscious that we have different energy bodies within our one human system and there are more.


  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Psychological
  • Intellectual
  • Spiritual
  • Psychic
  • Soul-based awareness
  • Expanded Light Intelligence

It is through the Expanded Light Intelligence that we receive and perceive the higher realms of understanding. When we surrender to this higher vibration, it fills our human system with new LIGHT, LOVE, and TRUTH which becomes COMPASSION for Mankind and Earth. This is God's Plan and Perspective of us at the highest ideal.

This is and can be a living, loving expanded human experience.

"We can be the darkened room or become the candle that illuminates it!" ~jUICe


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