Humming Bird Golden EssenceEverything in the universe, including us, is energy. The teaching of Golden Essence is from a blend of teachings from the "celestial song" of ancient India, shamanic energy work, visionary work, nature teachings, the intelligence of energy, Reiki work, spiritual arts, healing modalities and yoga. It is a way to understand that we are not separate from the Infinite and consequently, by trusting, developing and forming a relationship with the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies, we begin moving towards healing our self and our system. It is often a step by step process done in a spiraling and circling manner, given it is a process of evolution. It unfolds like an artichoke, leaf by leaf until the heart is exposed. It is all parts of an orange, which entails: The outer skin, the inner sections of the human experience, the juice of life and the seeds of truth.

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