Poetry Books

This four-book series, The Way of Wonder: Moments of WOW, describes the authorís experience related to the aspiration of the soul. The overall subject has been separated into the four parts to enhance the reader's understanding of the multifaceted journey. Poetry is used throughout the four books as the medium for telling the story of this evolution. The symbology, the rhythms, and the flow of poetry all are highly consistent with the message of the books. Each book can be purchased online for $9 + s&h.
Shadows in the Sanctuary

Shadows in the Sanctuary: A Hidden Piece of Peace
(The Way of Wonder: Moments of Magic) (Volume 1)


In this first book, the individual soul is awakened to recognize that something is beckoning from outside itself. This is the genesis of aspiration. The reader may gain insight into the challenges and rewards once the acknowledgement of the higher calling comes to usher in the ultimate surrender: responding to the soul's aspiration, at which time it becomes a loving collaboration with the Infinite.


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Into the Inner Path

Into the Inner Path: Doorway to Discovery
(The Way of Wonder: Moments of Magic) (Volume 2)


In the second book, the soul embarks on its first journey following its aspiration, overcoming many hurdles along the way. When the soul recognizes the Infinite, it remembers and embraces God and realizes that not only did the individual soul aspire for this, but God also wanted the Union. Once this journey has been made, repetition is easier because the self knows it is possible. Conscious collaboration is an ultimate union of joy!


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Cosmic Highway

The Cosmic Highway: Moments of "Wow" and Wonder
(The Way of Wonder: Moments of Magic) (Volume 3)


In the third book, the spirit awakens to a journey through the Cosmos and is guided to learn from encounters with a number of celestial beings. The experiences are different with each subsequent journey as are the lessons learned, but the reader will gain insight into the process of "letting go and letting God".


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Hear Earth Heart

Hear Earth Heart: Nature of the Heart Self
(The Way of Wonder: Moments of Magic) (Volume 4)


Though still poetic in nature, haikus are presented in this volume as a series of concise messages learned through many cosmic journeys. It is hoped that the series of books will inspire readers to embark upon their own cosmic adventures, freeing their souls to find peaceful and loving places in themselves and in the universe.


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