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Love as an energy is a universal constant. It pervades all things and all beings on Earth. This energy is Life. Love as an energy is at the heart of all that is living. It is a Grace that reflects the Light of the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy. The INFINITE BEING of PURE LOVE and PURE ENERGY, known as IB, translates into I EXIST. To reflect this PURE ENERGY, IB simply asks us to "bi."


To follow that guidance to "bi," we must recognize who we are not and begin to release it.


In our human system, we have many facets to our living experience. We have a physical, emotional, mental, intellectual and spiritual body of energy and experience. In this way, we each have a unique experience of factors that develop and become our life. Our unique expression and experience is what makes us understand, know and develop more fully into ourselves. We know ourselves socially, in the context of family, in relationship and as we go through each age and stage of our life. Often we know ourselves through the mirrors that others show us until we can discern from those mirrors who we are and who we aren't.


Much of our earlier identification comes from our parents who have a whole set of their own expectations, understandings, experiences and expressions of what they learned from their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and so on.


We gather all these different aspects and facets of ourselves and live them out towards completion, until or unless we begin to question the deeper reason and purpose to our lives. This is traditionally considered the time we become a seeker on the spiritual path. It is at that point, if we're lucky, we can meet a spiritual teacher who will guide us further on our life's path. Unless we have a quality understanding provided, any spiritual awakening can become quite surprising, shocking and even totally upsetting, yet it is how our soul makes us aware there is more to our life than we first knew.


The main purpose to any spiritual path is to walk the path from the external to the internal until the greater understanding is realized: to find the ultimate truth and shift, change and release who we are not to become more awakened to our true inner Being self, which is the small "bi." It is the Pure Being Self within us that is never out of union with the INFINITE BEING Itself. Once that Union is established, we can become that living Energy in a state of gratitude and humility. This is defined as Surrender.


In this process of surrender, we become the Love Itself because we are no longer identified with the sense of the separate self, which is the ego. We are no longer identified with the past.


GOLDEN ESSENCE is the Consciousness, the expanded intelligence human beings can experience, which is LIGHT, LOVE and TRUTH because nothing now is locked, blocked or shocked closed.


Everything in the Universe is energy. In a human body, we experience our human limitations and yet the truth of our nature is expanded LIGHT. To attain the experience and intelligence of this expanded LIGHT takes a dedication to understanding who we are not, after we have, in effect, gone through the process of living out life until that point.


The soul reason to access this intelligence and surrender to it, is that the INFINITE BEING can continue transforming more negative energy into positive, which allows Earth nature to vibrate more Love, Light and Truth, inviting Mankind to shift, change and grow through LOVE.


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