About GELE



Our basic philosophy is that there is an Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy that is Life, Love, and Truth, and it fully guides the entire creation. We refer to it as IB, because it exists. The IB has one request... to "BI," meaning to become the Infinite LOVE, which is the essence of Life. Become your "True Being Self," which is also pure love and pure energy. Our philosophy is that we can all become this true vibration because it is our Golden Essence, known as Consciousness. We believe that it is the human mind and body, particularly as it interacts with the elements of Earth, that gets in the way and taints our true essence, which is Golden. Once the human system is healed by completing and releasing from what is wasn't or isn't, our system can fill with more and more light. Then we are in the state of well being because we are not separate from the Being Itself.


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