Our Intention in Essence

  • To eradicate self hate
  • Let go of ego
  • Silence verbal violence
  • Live heart and not hate
  • Clear the mental fear
  • Live in mastery of union, not misery of separation
  • Live in the love of now, not fear of isolation
  • Expansion versus contraction
  • Living energy versus inert matter
  • Higher perspective versus lower physical
  • God's Perspective versus human perspective
  • Say yes to the Universe and say no to old mental patterns
  • Truth versus falsehood
  • Positive Heart feelings versus negative thoughts
  • We are "knot" the past

If we have been blocked, knocked or shocked in our early development or as adults, we will knot up, which creates an effect of damming, cramming, slamming or clamming up, which is Knot allowing God's Perspective to flow to and through you.


This has an effect on our health and well being. God's Plan for all of us is to UNTIE the KNOTS of separation and UNITE with our Golden Essence, which is consciousness, the consciousness we need to know who we truly are.”