Humming Bird Golden EssenceThrough the Expanded Light Intelligence, perturbations in the system that prevent us from seeing and removing any locks, blocks or shocks to the system that has it shut down or shut off from union and relationship with the Infinite, can be released so that natural PEACE, LOVE and HARMONY can exist in its place.


The best visual understanding of this is the picture of a well. It has an outer structure, inner well water, and a well stick. The outer structure is like our human physical body, the well water is our Golden Essence and the well stick is our old attachment to the past sense of self that is no longer healthy, suitable or useful. When the well stick has become an unwell stick through all the old, worn out, stuck and toxic stuff we have accumulated throughout our lifetime, we have tainted water or an unwell, ill system. In that case, our system can feel unhealthy and not function well.


The healing work offered through GELE uses developed techniques to go in energetically and remove blocked energy that is currently preventing the system from vibrating with the healthy essence in the system. It is on the level of soul understanding and consequently, it is best felt and experienced within three days of the actual healing. Given all the levels and layers in the system and the many aspects to each lifetime, this may not always be completed in one session.


Imagine an onion or an orange. Many layers and levels exist in both. As one aspect is peeled back and taken care of, another can be revealed until all the layers and levels are cleared. This is the same process with the healing work.


The intention is to align the system to the higher healing and vibrating aspects of the EXPANDED LIGHT INTELLIGENCE so it can restore the FEELING OF HEALING. This also aligns one with God's Perspective allowing our Golden Essence to fill our system with renewed Light, Love and Truth. When we remember we are "knot" separate from the Infinite LOVE, LIGHT and TRUTH, we heal, realign and become attuned with our True Being Self once again.


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