Healing Sessions

Humming Bird Golden EssenceUsing developed techniques of healing, what is old and stuck energy that has tainted, or is tainting, your system can be released from the past to facilitate healing in the present. Just like stagnant pond water, this old energy shows up as negativity in our system that keeps us from being our True Being Self, the Self that is not separate from the Infinite Being.


When the healing work is done, a three day period is usually needed for the person's system to fully respond and feel better. As you begin to heal more and more, you will come into a state of well being. Negative thinking is replaced by positive Heart feelings, which increase the uplifting natural healing energy in your system as it aligns more fully with your essence.


Our Healing Session Request Form asks a series of questions that will assist our team in connecting with your energies in order to perform a remote healing session. Our fee is $350, PayPal accepted.


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